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Appointment of new Headmaster at Northcote Lodge

Clive Smith-Langridge, currently Head of Packwood Haugh, Shrewsbury, is to be the next Headmaster of Northcote Lodge following the retirement of Mark Smith in July 2018.


The Principals of Northwood Schools, Sir Malcolm and Lady Colquhoun, are delighted to announce the appointment of Clive Smith-Langridge as the fifth Headmaster of Northcote Lodge following the retirement of Mark Smith in July 2018. "Of the many highly qualified candidates who applied for the position Clive impressed us as being quite outstanding both as an educator and as a leader, something that has been amply borne out during his headmastership at Packwood Haugh. Moreover, he is completely in tune with our vision for Northcote Lodge and with what we originally set out to achieve. His personal educational philosophy he summarises as: “the whole child is the whole point”, which to us aptly encapsulates what Northcote Lodge is all about. He is going to be an outstanding headmaster, and we much look forward to working with him."


Clive Smith-Langridge, 52, has been Headmaster of Packwood Haugh School, Shrewsbury since 2012. Prior to that he was deputy headmaster from 2009-2012 of Walhampton School, Lymington, having embarked on his teaching career at Cumnor House, Sussex in 2002, following a highly successful commercial career. He is married with two grown-up children and will be joined at Northcote Lodge by his wife Sally, who plays an active role at Packwood Haugh.


Clive will take up his role at Northcote Lodge in January 2019.