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Ipad Scheme

iPads For Learning


In the Autumn term of 2017, iPads will be a uniform requirement for Shell, Form 2 and Form 3. It is optional but recommended that Remove and Form 5 also enter into the scheme. 


This will be the first year that we fully roll out this exciting initiative to enhance the teaching and learning at Northcote Lodge.

Letter for new Shell parents
Letter for current Shell and Form 2 parents
Letter for current Form 3 parents
Letter for current Remove parents

Purchasing a new iPad

We have partnered with Solutions Inc to offer a great package of iPad, keyboard and insurance. Purchasing through Solutions Inc does allow for increased device management for the school and so we would encourage you to purchase through them where possible. These iPads will be delivered to school and will be available from the first day of term.

Please click here to purchase your iPad through Solutions Inc.

Pre Owned iPad

A pre owned iPad is suitable to use. The minimum requirement is an iPad capable of running iOS 10 and with a 9.7 or 10.5inch (iPad Pro) screen.

Devices which run iOS 10 include:
The iPad Pro 9.7-inch
The iPad Air 2
The iPad Air
The iPad 4th generation
The iPad 3rd generation
The iPad 2

Please note that these devices will need to be reset with all data including photos and apps removed. We will provide a help guide for this at the beginning of the term.


Rather than provide a generic FAQ's section, we would like to provide one relevant to the parents at Northcote Lodge. Therefore we ask that if you have any queries, please submit them via this form and we shall generate one based on your feedback.

Parent Support

In September a timetable of support sessions will be published involving sessions to support safety at home, managing your iPad settings, getting the most out of your iPad and more. We look forward to welcoming you at those sessions. For those that could not attend the support session this term, please do look at the presentation used here.


Any urgent queries, please contact Angela Brennan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.